My name is Sabrina and living in a small city in Belgium.  SAHM of 4 kids. Two girls and two boys: Sanne (2003), Brent (2006), Maaike (2008) and Mathias (2011).  Married with Koen since June 2003 and together since November 2000. We have met eachother through the internet at a chatbox.

Addicted to my family off course, I love to spend every minute with them 🙂  But also addicted to photography, photoshop, designing and scrapbooking.

I started with digital scrapbooking after the birth of Brent, I definitely wanted to make a Thank You card after his birth.  A whole new world started for me… and from than on, I was addicted to it. It’s a great way to make memories of your photos.  In 2008, I started as a designer and I totally love it to make my own stuff and use it for my yearly photobooks.

My inspiration comes from daily things in our life, my children clothes, quotes of my children, magazines and Pinterest.  I love the clean and simple style which I try to give to my products.  I have a wonderful team next to me who are one by one amazing and sweet persons! I couldn’t do this without them!