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Hi there!
We are middle in the move to our new house, this weekend we are moving permanent to our new house. We were able to get 2 bedrooms, 1 small bathroom, kitchen room and hall ready. Next room to finish is the big bathroom. There is still a lot to do… Thursday and Friday, they come to place the new windows and front / back doors. Still lot to do to make it our new home but we can live there for the moment while we renovate further… new roof, living room, our bedroom, the girls their new rooms, finishing the boys their room how they want them to be… and the garden, it’s one mess for the moment. Hope everything is done at the end of 2015…

Last week, I didn’t had time to blog but here I am with 4 brand new products… all for $1 each through February!!
First of all, I have an element pack and journal cards which are coordinating products with my new collection SOMEDAY.
sc_someday_preview_ep900 sc_someday_preview_jc900
For today, I have 2 pack of layered templates which are perfect for your project life!
sc_everydaylife4_6x8_preview sc_everydaylife4_preview900
Next week, I have the 2 last new products for Pennysaver. It will also be the last week to grab all these new products for only $1 each! So be sure to grab them if you like them 😉

See you back next week, hope I will have some time to blog. Have a great week!!


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