Product of the month

As of September, one of my CTM is going to pick their favorite product in my store and that one will be the Product of the Month which will be 35% off!! For September, Corinna has picked Day after Day as her favorite product.

This is what Corinna said about this kit:
Well, first of all I chose “Day after Day” as I love the colour scheme, which is by the way always the first reason why a kit catches my eye. It’s not really the theme of a kit that is important to me, but the colour scheme that has to fit to my photos and my personal fancy. I love tender colours and the combination of grey with light pink and apricot in this kit is just perfect for me as a mother of two girls, who are in general on the photos that I scrap. Second the colours go perfectly with any kind of vintage post-edited photos, that are very in vogue and that I also like. And in this special case the theme of the kit is also perfect for me, as it is a versatile kit for all those ordinary moments, we scrap and that will be precious memories later. In fact the reason why I scrap is to document my girl’s childhood and the happy moments we had. Day after Day we live new adventures together and discover new things, people and places and day after day I love those two and feel that I am loved by them. So the little wordbits about love also touched my heart and this is why this kit is one of my all-time favourites among all of Sabrina’s kits.

I’ve made an exclusive freebie for my Facebook fans which you can find at my fanpage.

Corinna also made a new page with the kit which is lovely as usual. What I like the most of Corinna’s pages is that she always gives them a soft look and also the clean look on her pages!

Have a wonderful week!


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