FB/Blogtrain Freebie

It’s Friday and it isn’t any Friday like another because today it’s my Birthday. For this occassion and the start of my new store, I and my CTM are giving a lot of freebies away!


This is the last post of the blogtrain, you should have come from Manu’s (Flohbock) blog.

For the last freebie, I have made a mini kit for you, all about a new beginning, a new start …
You can download the mini kit here. Have fun with this mini kit!

If you got lost on your way or missed a freebie, here’s the full list of the train.
Sabrina’s Creations FB: https://www.facebook.com/SabrinaCreations
Krizomel: http://krizoscrap.blogspot.fr/
Soco: http://socoscrapsetloisirs.blogspot.be/
Franny: https://www.facebook.com/Justthetwoofusdesigns
Timounette: http://timounette.canalblog.com/
Margote: http://scropisoeurs.canalblog.com/
Faby: http://scrapajaumard.canalblog.com/
Ruebchensmum: http://ruebchenskreativewelt.blogspot.be/
Bao: http://baoscrap.blogspot.fr/
Helen: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Helens-DigiArt/331546163522544
Ella: http://ellascrap.canalblog.com/
Zizazzi: http://zizazzi.fr/
Veer: https://www.facebook.com/veers.scrappage
Flohbock: http://flohscrap.blogspot.de/
Sabrina’s Creations blog – end

I hope you enjoyed the train and all the freebies, a big thank you to my team for making these gorgeous freebies!
Have a great weekend!!


16 thoughts on “FB/Blogtrain Freebie

    1. Glad to hear you liked the mini kit, have fun with the freebies and thank you very much for the Birthday wishes 🙂

  1. Thanks tons to you and your lovely team for the beautiful freebies.
    Happy Birthday, and tons of success on your new start !
    eventhough I’m totally crestfallen that you left the O 😉

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