All about you

I have a new collection of word arts for you. It’s a collection of 7 word arts about YOU. These comes in 2 versions, a clean version and a version with some extra little hearts on it.
You can find them now in my stores at MScraps and Sugarhillco with 20% off through the weekend!!  
And some inspiration!!
by Tasha
by Corinna 
 by Elina
by Ella 
by Kaat 
by Soco 
by Tine 
by Veer 
Aren’t these just amazing!!
I have some excited news to come too, I will be back to you on Monday. Hope I can get here ’cause our baby can come every moment now. I’m now 36 weeks pregnant and the baby is ready to come, I’m a 1.5cm dilated and I have already contractions which are getting worser and worser but they stop at a moment, not strong enough for the delivery…
Have a great weekend!!

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