To Beloved + Add on

Happy Friday to you all!! The start of a new weekend. And the weekend before Valentine.
I have a new kit for you and it’s all about LOVE…

Let me introduce you to my new kit ‘To Beloved’ and an Add on to it.
It’s now available at MScraps and Sugarhillco with 20% off through the weekend!

I have a special Valentine offer for you too.
Buy my ‘TO BELOVED’ kit and get the add on for free from Febr. 11-14.

I wanted to say Thank you to all who lefted a comment at my blog. It was great to read them all. I’ve let mr. Random do his work and I have 2 lucky girls, first winner gets my kit and the second winner gets the add on for free.

First winner is post #5 and that’s Petra, you have won my kit!! 
Second winner is post #35, congrats France, you’ve won the add on to the kit.
Congrats to you both, please send me an e-mail so I can send you your coupon code.

And a little update from me. I’m slowing a little bit down with making new stuff. I’m pregnant of #4. Last week we went to my gynecologist and he said I have to take some rest, I already am dialated and I’m 31 weeks pregnant now, so it’s a little bit too soon for the baby to come. Yesterday we went back to my doctor to see if anything changed and nothing has changed since last week so the resting has helped. But I still have to rest. I’m already getting bored of 1 week resting. I hope the baby will stay with me for at least 5 weeks. I wanted to let you know if you don’t see a lot of new product(s) in the next month(s), that’s the reason.

I hope you all will have a great weekend.

Sabrina xx

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