Counting down freebie to Christmas – Day 1

woohoo it’s the first of December and that means my ‘Counting down freebie to Christmas’ starts today!!!!

How does it works ….
I will give you everyday a piece of a kit I made for this occassion. You can download each freebie for only the first 24 hours, after that, the link will be expire and will be gone forever! So be sure that you grab the freebie every day.

Here is the freebie for Day 1.

Click on the preview or {here} to download the first part. {LINK EXPIRED}

Please don’t share the download link with your friends but lead them to my blog to grab their own freebie. Any comment is very appreciated and I hope you like it and that you will come back for tomorrow’s freebie.

Have a nice day!


10 thoughts on “Counting down freebie to Christmas – Day 1

  1. well , I am sorry to rain on your parade , but your freebie shows up in Digifree today , we go to your blogspot , and .. LINK EXPIRED . How ridiculous is that ? most people offer their freebies for months . If you are in a hurry to expire your freebies , you should make them available for only 12 hours , or maybe 6 hours only , or maybe just 1 hour , that would be really exciting .Jammer genoeg

  2. I'm sorry that you missed it but I am not the only one who is doing it like this way. I wanted to give everyone a chance of 24 hours, so everyone in the world has a chance to download it. All my other freebies are still available but this one is especially for the countdown to Christmas and afterworths it will come in my store for a low price. This one I'm doing for fun, I'm sad that I get a reaction like this from a freebie hunter and than anonymous… Sabrina aka Sabrina's Creations

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