Introduction Creative Team

I’m very proud to introduce you to my CT-team!!
They are one by one amazing and sweet persons, I’m so happy that they are in my CT.
Here we go…
Digi Name: Soco
Digi Name: Ruebchensmum
Digi Name: Jilki
Digi Name: Kaat
Digi Name: Veer
Digi Name: Ella
Digi Name: Tine
Digi Name: Flohbock
Digi Name: xomckee
Coming Soon

Digi Name: Elina
 Digi Name: Dani
 Digi Name: Justjen
 Digi Name: Gwadatiti
Digi Name: Katell
Digi Name: Vke
Digi Name: Morgane
Digi Name: Timounette
Digi Name: Bao
Digi Name: Brinic
Digi Name: Suzanne

Digi Name: Krizomel

One thought on “Introduction Creative Team

  1. Hey Sabrina,So sad I missed your CT call – thought I had enough commitments, but now that Hazel Olive is dissolving her CT, I hope to add to my resume. Will look out for you next time you have a CT call, cheers! Good luck to all the lovely ladies!

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