Sneak peek with RAK

Hello monday!
I hope you all had a great shop-a-holic weekend 🙂

I’m here with a little sneak peek of a new collab with Anita that is coming on friday.
We came up with a small challenge for you, you have a chance of winning our collab kit for free!

Challenge instructions
Take a good look at our blogs and find the ages from our kids, make sure you write down their ages and F/M.

Here we go
– use the TOTAL NUMBER of our kids
– use that number and multiply it with the TOTAL NUMBER OF GIRLS
– add to that number the TOTAL NUMBER OF BOYS
– add the 2 AGES of Anita and my oldest kids
– devide that with the TOTAL AGE OF OUR YOUNGEST KIDS
– multiply that number with the AGE OF ANITA’s MIDDLE CHILD
– substract the AGE OF MY MIDDLE CHILD

Which number did you get?
Leave your answer here in reply at my blog and Anita’s blog to double your chance of winning!!
This RAK challenge closes at may 6th at 9PM (dutch time).

Good luck to everyone!

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35 thoughts on “Sneak peek with RAK

  1. I am so happy to be in the CT this time, as this calculation is to heavy for my small brain. But everybody who tries: it is really worth the calculation. Hugs Corinna

  2. I end up with 45,2(my husband got somewhere else, but I'll put that down to male calculation)I hope your kids are the little angels they look like (of zijn het eerder engeltjes met een grote B voor ?)Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful collab.

  3. ralala, I don't speak english, this challenge is an horror for me!!! I say 45,2 like the others (thanks a lot the others!!!) Thanks for the chance to win and the kit seems to be beautiful (and sorry for my english, oups…)

  4. Thanks for the challenge.I try to follow your instruction step by step. And the result is 45.2 like almost everyone.This kit is fabulous as always.

  5. I figured out my math error… I read Anita's profile as having 3 daughters age 14! As in triplets!Once I realized my error I got 45.2 as well.

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