Really Big News and blogtrain freebie

It was very difficult for me to hold this big secret for myself and my CT-team but now I can scream it out! I’m a designer for Mscraps, a new shop for digital scrapbooking supplies. I was very happy when Joyce mailed me with this good news! And I’m so honored to design next too so many talented designers! Thank you Joyce.

Tomorrow Jan. 30th is the big opening of Mscraps!

I’ve been very busy making some new products for the big opening. Take a look at them.

And for the big opening, I’m offering you the quickpages for free when you buy Together, this deal expires on Feb. 3th. The quickpages will be added automaticaly to your cart when you buy Together.
And if you want an additional 10% off above the opening sales, you can get this coupon code in my first newsletter, the code expires on Feb. 3th. You find the subscribe button above at my blog.

Here is some inspiration of my CT-team

All the designers of Mscraps has made a huge and amazing collab for the opening. You can get the collab for free with purchase of $10 at the store of Mscraps.

And for celebrating the big opening, a lot of designers and Ct-members of Mscraps are participating to a blogtrain. Here is my freebie for the blogtrain, an add on to Together. Click on the preview to start downloading it and a comment would be nice.

The next stop for the blogtrain is on the blog of Sara. If the freebie isn’t there yet, try it later again because of the timezones. Here in Belgium is it almost midnight.

I think it’s all for today. Have fun with all what is going to happen tomorrow.

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